Autonomous City Berlin

Berlin /bɛʁ'liː n/


Official Name
Autonomous City Berlin
DE: Autonome Stadt Berlin

7.6 million (city)
8.3 million (metro area)

DE: Berliner_in(nen)

Berlin is the capital of Germany, one of the country's federal states, and an autonomous zone.

Berlin has 13 boroughs, each subdivided into districts, which in turn consist of several neighborhoods or Kieze.

"Kiez", meaning neighborhood, is pronounced /kiː t͡s/.

Potsdam was incorporated as the 13th borough in 2078. Cottbus subsequently became the new capital of Brandenburg.

A significant number of the city's buildings still date to the 20th century, in spite of attempts at modernization and the destruction wrought during World War III.

The Fernsehturm (TV tower), one of the city's landmarks and still its tallest building, has largely been reconstructed to its original shape after taking heavy damage during the war.

A large number of buildings still date back to the 20th century. There are still many areas that haven't been fully rebuilt.

Berlin is an autonomous zone since 2074, but remains one of Germany's three city-states.

The authority of the federal government is very limited, and the city's Senate doesn't hold much power anymore either.


F'hain-Xberg, officially Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (pronounced /'fʀiː dʀɪçshaɪ̯n.'kʀɔʏ̯t͡sbɛʁɡ/), is a small borough south-east of central Berlin. It consists of the boroughs Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, merged in the early 2000s.

Skalitzer Kiez
Skalitzer Kiez follows Skalitzer Straße from Kottbusser Tor to Manteuffelstraße. It borders on Prinzenkiez in the west, Oranienkiez in the north, Görlitzer Kiez in the east, and the Landwehr canal in the south.

The Kiez is home of Catboy and his merc team.

Oranienkiez follows Oranienstraße from Oranienplatz to Heinrichplatz. It borders on the Engelkiez in the north, Skalitzer Kiez in the south, and Prinzenkiez in the west.


Neukölln (pronounced /nɔɪ̯'kœln/) is a borough in the south-east of Berlin.

The Gradedreieck (Grade triangle) is a small, triangular Kiez between Gradestraß, Britzer Damm and Tempelhofer Weg in Britz. The Dreieck is the territory of Meathook's gang.

The Marxkiez follows Karl-Marx-Straße from from S+U Neukölln to U Grenzallee. It borders on Hermannkiez in the west and Hafenkiez in the east.

The Walterdreieck is a block of buildings between Walter-, Silberstein- and Karl-Marx-Straße in the north of the Kiez.


Potsdam was the capital of Brandenburg until it was incorporated into Berlin. The borough conists of two major subdivisions, Potsdam proper in the south and Fahrland in the north.

Drewitz Sprawl
The Drewitz Sprawl (pronounced /'dʀevɪt͡s/) is a run-down neighborhood in the south-east of Potsdam.

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The Middle-Rhine Wildlands are a mostly rural area in northern Rhineland-Palatinate (DE: Rheinland-Pfalz), located between the Palatine Arcplex (DE: Pfälzer Arkplex) in the south and the KBM aka. Köln-Bonn Megacity (DE: Köln-Bonn Megastadt), in the north.

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